1. Why is your softwood pieces so light in weight? The density of softwoods can be less than the normal hardwoods and therefore results in less mass. The softwood is more sustainable and easier to grow in reforestation areas and sustainable tree farms so we use the softwoods for most of our small planters. 

2. Does my sculpture change shape? If exposed to humidity and direct water, it can unwind a bit. The shape for most of the planters are not held by joints to provide a very organic feel. In a dry area, it should not change shape.

3. My plant died, what now? The sculpture looks good without the plant but you can reorder a replacement plant or put dried or false plants in the deceased air plant's place.

4. Do you ship overseas? Yes, but not with the plants. The sculpture can be shipped once you contact me first. Overseas shipping requires a little bit more work so please contact me directly so we can get your sculpture safely to its destination.

5. Do you make larger pieces? Yes, and I do a bunch of custom art installations but they are not on this site. You can also contact me directly for more information about shows and custom orders.