Care Instructions for your air plants and sculpture

Air Plant Care

Water schedule:

Watering your plant two times a week is sufficient (more in dry environments). Submerge your plant in a bowl of water for 5 to 15 minutes that has been left out overnight (allows chlorine to evaporate). Water in the mornings only and allow the plant to fully dry before 5 p.m. If the plant is still wet towards the evening, turn the plant upside down to dry overnight.

In hot dry weather or dry heat, add one or two extra waterings. Spraying thoroughly every two days is also sufficient (soaking is still preferred). Make sure to shake off excess water after every watering to prevent rot. Do not keep plants constantly wet especially near the base.


Put air plants in bright but filtered light as a general rule. The leaves of certain air plants will burn or become dry if exposed to direct sun for a long period of time in the summer months. During the cooler months (November to February), some direct sun is beneficial to the plants (south or east facing sun).

 Circulation and Temperature:

Provide enough circulation and airflow so the plant dries within 4-hours after watering. A west, north or east-facing window with airflow would be a great place to put your plant. Your air plant will thrive in temperatures between 50º to 90º F. These plants are not frost tolerant.

Please contact me for specific questions.


Your Wood Sculpture

Most of the bent wood planters are made from low-density softwood. The wood may vary in its shape and graining. The knots are cut and sanded down prior to the steam bending procedure. Many of the knots take up to 7 days to complete. Each knot is unique and made to hold an air plant or anything else that fits (the choice is yours). This wood is rot resistant and “springy” but also more fragile and lighter than hardwood.


Keep wood knot in a low humidity environment. The wood is sensitive to humidity because it is very porous, albeit being treated, finished and protected. Having the product indoors as a home décor is likely the best place.

Each hand bent wood piece is unique and no two pieces will ever be identical because of the hand bending technique and the nature of different graining in the wood.

I hope you enjoy your original art sculpture.

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