Great article on the installation in Williamsburg at 16 Handles

16 Handles art bentwood brooklyn commission installation size williamsburg

Check out this article and the process of the three artists installation at Fiercely Made. Photos by Erin Przekop

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Big Installation at 16 Handles

16 handles artofplants brooklyn frozen yogurt installation williamsburg yogurt

The first phase of this big work is finally up at 16 Handles frozen yogurt shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Working on phase 2 now for the windows. I hope you can all come down for the party on 8/2. More details to come.

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What are we working on?

art bentwood brooklyn commission furniture lighting maker sculpture wood bending woodwork

We are anxiously waiting for the final word on whether Art of Plants and two other amazing makers (collaborative) will receive a city installation project. In the meantime, we girls are all prepping for Mother's Day and then of course Father's Day directly afterwards. Our planer and jointer is down so I am currently getting all the tools fixed and in top shape before the rush. A few commission jobs are in the works– shelves, lighting and a large bentwood jungle for a Brooklyn store. We are icing our wrist, flexing our fingers and building new steamers for the onslaught. I...

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Pop-up shops

brooklyn events pop-up shop wood bending

Pop-up shops are not something I normally do but I made an exception for Erin Przekop's shop coming up in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It was close to where I live and I am making a large window display for the store. I'm really excited about the window display more than anything else at this time. I was thinking bending a crazy large pattern with cherry wood. I hope you are available to stop by and visit or say hi. 

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