The number one and two problems

air plant watering disappointment perception size

I would like to say that my number one complaint about my products, outside of plants dying, is the sizing. My things are relatively small because that is how they come and although the size is listed in the description, some customers miss it all together and are inevitably disappointed. I enjoy making smaller things.

Please, please, please read all the description ahead of time. Contact me directly if you have a concern or question. I answer my emails within hours (you will either hear back from me or Rachel). If you want a larger and crazier centerpiece, let us chat. I am here to help so do not hesitate.

As far as plants go, I am happy to work with you to advise and to come up with an alternative solution or watering regiment for your air plants. Each environment is different and the watering instructions are a general routine that works for most environments but not all. Let us chat about plants! Let me geek out on you.

I'm confident we can extend the survival rate of your air plant. 

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