Stay Safe

Sorry everyone, I am closing down shop. Covid did some economical damage to my company in which I just never recovered. Thank you all so much for the support. You are the best.

Orders placed from 6/1-6/9 will be shipped after 6/10. Taking a small reality break.

Stay Safe

I hope everyone is following the rules and staying safe at the moment. Due to the pandemic, it has been difficult to get any work done. Safety first.

10% off until 12/18/19. Use code: BENDREALITY

I will be traveling on 12/20/19 for the holidays so please order prior to that in order for me to get you your order before the holidays. Thanks!

Featured on Wescover.

Price update. 7/3/19 

It is always a struggle when I have to increase the prices. I try my best to take the hit everytime the cost of just working goes up. It's not sustainable though and I hope you understand that I do most if not all the work in shop. It is a labor of love and devotion but in order for me to pay the rent, I have to increase the prices. Know that I do feel bad and I wish my overhead wasn't up the out the roof.

We will be heading to NYC from 6/17-6/30. Will fill all orders that come in the first of July when I'm back.

House and Garden

Art of Plants have been featured on House and Garden!

Back on 12/28/18

Hi all,

I will be away for a little bit so any orders placed from 12/19-12/29 will be delivered after 1/8/19. Sorry for the delay but my wrist needs the break. 

On Vacation

Hi friends,

I will be out of town and coming back at the end of November so there will be a small delay in your orders. I promise to make your bends the moment I am back. Happy November Holiday!

SF Renegade

Hello my fellow Peeps. I will be at the Renegade fair the weekend of 7/14-7/15. I'm still pretty new to the West Coast so this might be a fun way to get to know people. I hope you can come by and say "hi".

2 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123

NYC  X Design Week is HERE!!!!!

O.k. if you haven't noticed the all caps and exclamations, I'm excited. This is one of my favorite design weeks. Why? They have so many shows with so many amazing participants and they don't ask you for every ounce of your life savings to participate. 

I believe they generally want to promote the builders, makers, artists and creative brainiacs of the world. It's inclusive and global. Sadly, I never time my visits back to NYC correctly. I shall miss it again this year but I will be in it (at least my work will) and I'll be stalking the feeds like a hawk.

Come see one of my crazy lights.

Infinity chain light

Here is my shameless promotion...

Date: 05/17/2018
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

 Our 2018 NYCxDesign exhibition event is May 17, 6-8pm at Canal Street Market. Built opens May 11 – 23rd

Spring Madness

Where ever your location, Spring is creeping up and nose tickling pollen is in the air. For 2018, I will be starting some more color blends for certain occasions so please stay tuned. Mother's Day and Father's day discounts will also be announced pretty soon so I hope you take advantage of them.

On a different note, I am launching another site dedicated only to my crazy light and larger sculptures. Your requests have been heard. Putting lighting under Art of Plants doesn't really jive... 

I'lll announce that site soon.

The Holiday Rush

Hi all,

I'm going to take a quick break from steam bending and give my wrist and arms a much needed break before the new years. I'll see everyone in 2018 with some updates on projects, sweepstakes and promotions.

Happy Holidays to everyone! As always, thank you for your support. Being a small local artist/designer is tough sometimes but worth while.

Cyber Monday!

Use the code: Cyber20 to receive 20% off your order. Only happening for the next 28 hours.

BuzzFeed Shout.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy when we get a shout.

Monkey Fist!

For people who follow me on Instagram, know that I welcome distractions. I attempted last week to make the most complicated knot I know (suggested by my 7yr old). I didn't make it well but I plan to try try again. The last attempt was the closest. Yes, it is solid wood. No, I will not disclose my secrets. ;p

20% off from now until 11/27/2017. Just use code: OctMadness

New Studio

We are moving... again. The good news is this new studio will be ours for the next five years. I can finally "fabulize" the place.

New Collection Line and Pricing

I wanted to let everyone know that the prices have increased due to overhead increases in material, shop cost, labor and all the nitty gritty stuff of running a extremely small business. The good news is that the two new collections are almost done! I hope to get them on the site in the next two months. Below is a sample (yet to be named) of the Metallics. 

The Resin Inlay Collection

I have been asked by many about inlays and I do wood inlays but resin is more exciting. We are working towards getting the resin collection up for a Spring launch. We shall see. Here are some behind the scenes photos. Watch the progression on instagram/artofplants


One Off Sculptures

So I finally got a chance to do some more work (wood bending) from my little design notebook. It is always tough to finish something but easy to start it. I need to get better at that. Here is a preview of some new sculptures I plan to load online this summer. 

San Fransisco Shoot

Art of Plants was part of this amazing wedding shoot. You can check out all the beautiful pictures at

Ghostship Fire

Our hearts go out to the family and friends Ghost Ship fire. We all know how difficult it can be to struggle and survive for your love of art. The sacrifices that are made to continue. We have donated to the cause. Stay safe everyone.

Was recently featured on Buzzfeed.

I didn't even know until someone in Instagram gave me a heads-up. Mighty nice of them though. And yes, I am selling on Amazon now.

Our new Noir Line is up on the site. Yay!

MakerFaire just ended and the show was outstanding! Hundreds of people showed up to learn how to bend wood and I had the best time showing everyone. 

Google OnHub Designers

Yes! We are one of the makers/artists that built a crazy piece of art for Google's OnHub from TP-Link router. We are so fortunate to be chosen for this super cool campaign. We custom built a one of a kind sleeve for their awesome router (I used it, it really is fast, easy and now, a work of art). Art of Plants will be making a few limited serious OnHub sleeve. O.k. I said I was only making three but they all sold and I decided to make two more of a new design. 

I'll post it up so you can order it online if interested.

Check out the beautiful designs! Can you find ours?

This is the new second design, please imagine it with air plants. Totally different!

We sent these three beauties out this week to Mountain View.