Featured Products

Let us get ready for the fall.

 Was recently featured on Buzzfeed.

I didn't even know until someone in Instagram gave me a heads-up. Mighty nice of them though. And yes, I am selling on Amazon now.

Our new Noir Line is up on the site. Yay!

MakerFaire just ended and the show was outstanding! Hundreds of people showed up to learn how to bend wood and I had the best time showing everyone. 

Google OnHub Designers

Yes! We are one of the makers/artists that built a crazy piece of art for Google's OnHub from TP-Link router. We are so fortunate to be chosen for this super cool campaign. We custom built a one of a kind sleeve for their awesome router (I used it, it really is fast, easy and now, a work of art). Art of Plants will be making a few limited serious OnHub sleeve. O.k. I said I was only making three but they all sold and I decided to make two more of a new design. 

I'll post it up so you can order it online if interested.

Check out the beautiful designs! Can you find ours?

This is the new second design, please imagine it with air plants. Totally different!

We sent these three beauties out this week to Mountain View.